Il 19 dicembre 2012 la Commissione Europea (Direzione Generale Imprese e Industria) ha inviato al Partner Capofila (Spagna) la lettera ufficiale con la quale ha comunicato l'approvazione e il conseguente co-finanziamento della proposta progettuale presentata nel luglio del 2012. Il progetto sarà implementato nell'arco di 18 mesi: da maggio 2013 a ottobre del 2014. Di seguito una breve descrizione del progetto approvato.



Discover the hidden charms of Europe



1 (Spain): Municipality of Bullas, Murcia (lead partner)

2 (Netherlands): Municipality of Groesbeek, Gelderland

3 (Austria): Regional Tourism Consortium Güssing-Stegersbach, Burgenland

4 (Hungary): Foundation for Enterprise Promotion in Vás County and Szombathely

5 (Croatia): Tourist Association of the Ilok-Srijem area, Eastern Croatia

6 (Italy): Tourism consortium Costa del Grifone -  Sardinia

7 (Slovenia): ROD Agency for Development - Upper Vipava Valley, Primorska.

8 (Italy): Hotel Corte Fiorita (SME) - Sardinia

9 (Italy): Turismo in Sardegna s.r.l Hotel and Restaurant (SME) - Sardinia


Short description:

The VINEST network faces a new challenge: Finding innovative and integrated approaches to thematic tourism development, in order to enhance as much as possible ALL values and assets that the local cultures can offer. In particular the offer for cycling, hiking and biking tourism shall be improved, valorising the trails and routes through these wine growing areas, as a "memorable experience". This will be done by elaborating – as a special product development plan -  a “Script for a Territorial Theatre”, where trails, routes and paths for all areas are defined, following a model for the “narration” and “memorable experience” that will give guidance to the local tourism consortia and interest groups (tourism SME, wine growers). The same plan should include also the measures for a successful co-marketing among all partners of the network.


This has to be integrated with innovative guiding tools like mobile phone guides, with a set of trails and paths (and all Points of Interest alongside these trails) for each partner area, collected all together on a central database with a common Coordinate Image, and progressive technological improvements, even though the contents can be managed in a decentralised way by each single partner, or each single enterprise, association or village.


In order to countersign the trails, routes and paths in the territory, each point of interest and Tourism facility that undersigns a VINEST Charta with basic values and principles will receive a sticker for their entrance doors, being a “VINEST Company”, inclusive of a QR-code that links back to the mobile phone guide, and from there towards websites, videos, etc..


As transnational tool and for a good co-marketing between the partners areas, when a cycler, hiker or biker purchases services in one partner area, it will receive a VINEST Bonus Card which shall allow to receive some discounts in other facilities (wines, restaurants, hotels) of the same area, as well as in other VINEST partner areas. The Bonus card will be free of charge and the discounts offered will be defined by the single SMEs, with information available online (on


Finally also a documentary film "Cycling around in Secret European Wine Areas" (working title), following the Scripts for a Territorial Theatre in each area (and a common narration as Network), will be produced and distributed.